We had the pleasure of creating TV commercial for the polish store chain Żabka featuring their new energy drinks flavors. Our client wanted us to transport the protagonist to wild worlds, each representing a different flavor.

So, we created a dense jungle with plenty of guava, an ocean filled with jasmine flowers and curuba, and finally, an exotic orange grove.

Right now, this commercial has more than 600 000 views on youtube!

So, let me ask you one thing...


To capture our hero's journey in a fun and cool way, we spiced things up with a mixed media approach.

We incorporated pre-recorded footage of the hero into the worlds using various materials such as photographs, drawings, textures, and films. Then our animators cranked up the madness to the max, breathing life into the worlds through sudden and fluid transitions and playful camera work.

As usual, we also have a dose of behind-the-scenes materials for you, including storyboards, screen recordings, and footage from the film set! We had the pleasure
of doing VFX supervision on set, which made the later work with the material a breeze.


We were thrilled to be invited to the film set, giving us valuable insight from the start.
It wasn't just enjoyable but also a necessary experience, as it gave us a clear idea of what to expect, making the subsequent work on the film material much less challenging for us.


Client: Żabka
Production House: F25
Agency: CUKIER

Directed by Igor Ignacy Leśniewski
Producer: Natalia Styczeń
Production Manager: Katarzyna Sierka

Animation by Animwood

Animwood Creative Direction: Rafał Blecharz
Animation Direction: Wiktoria Gnat
Storyboard: Sebastian Komorowski
Design: Dominika Kwiatkowska, Martyna Pianka, Sebastian Komorowski, Julia Knapik, Agnieszka Zbudniewek
Animation: Denis Frolov, Olgierd Łuszczak, Wiktoria Gnat, Arkadiusz Tumanów, Wiktor Kralka, Igor Woźnicki, Dominika Gronek, Karol Szulc

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