Ekipa are the most popular polish YouTubers with over 17 million subscribers on various channels. Recently they have published their first music album.

Our job was to create the animated music video for "Na Zajawce" ("It's a thrill").
We had complete creative control of the project from the creative concept, script to execution.

After the catastrophe caused by the fall of the gigantic radioactive meteorite, the whole Earth
is covered by water. Ekipa's members survived the apocalypse but mutated into the dinosaurs because of the radiation. Now they travel the newly created ocean in the soviet mech that looks like a giant sumo wrestler. This armed prototype goes by the name of SumoBot.

Little do they know, there's one more passenger on the mech. And he is ready to hunt them down.

Alter egos of the real members were created. Colors and the type of dinosaur were chosen
to fit the real persons. Attributes are based on their interests when it comes to the shoes, outfits, hairstyles and accessories.

As backstory indicates, SumoBot's signs are written in Cyrillic and state "Ark" as a reference
to the Genesis flood.

"It's a thrill!"
As stated in the track's title, in the SumoBot's belly Ekipa managed to hide all of the things
that they love, including the whole residential area with the first Ekipa's house.

Each room was designed with a great focus on details to fit each of the character's interests,
from the terrarium with giant snakes and spiders to the room filled with the items used in the Ekipa's videos such as wheel of fortune, water guns, ball pit, arcade games and VR sets.

To attract the teenage audience, the video had to be fast-paced and engaging from the get-go.
Even though we're showing the world after the disaster, the colors were bright, neon-like,
and cheerful to fit Ekipa's image.

Plot of the video takes place in real time and bombs countdown to the moment of each explosion. 

Intro, outro, and pause in the middle of the track were added for storytelling purposes
with the dubbing recorded by the Ekipa's members.


Easter eggs
Animation is filled with easter eggs from Ekipa's videos such as prank poster, Patecki's naked butt, Friz's dog, and more. 

The whole video was inspired by various pop music videos and anime references which
it parodies - from Nicki Minaj, Gorillaz to Daft Punk music videos.

As a result, we've created the animated video on which nearly 60 people worked for the 5 months.
It's hard to compare the scale of "Na zajawce" with anything else in Poland's music video history.


Producer: Pigeon Pictures
Executive Producer: Pigeon Studio

Director: Rafał Blecharz
II Director: Sławek Wydra
Production Director: Dawid Gaweł 

Production Manager: Dawid Gaweł, Kasia Kucaj, Lena Ślósarczyk
Script: Rafał Blecharz, Sławek Wydra
Art Direction: Sławek Wydra, Rafał Blecharz, Paweł Starz

Animatic: Rafał Blecharz, Sławek Wydra, Wojtek Siejak, Sara Marinoni (Szymocha), Gosia Jeniec, Paweł Starz
Colorscript: Sławek Wydra, Darina Lapkovskaya, Marta Szudyga, Gosia Jeniec
Concept art: Sebastian Komorowski, Sławek Wydra, Gosia Jeniec, Sara Marinoni (Szymocha),
Beata Krzywdzińska, Krzysztof Nowak
Character design: Monika Szewczyk, Marta Szudyga, Sławek Wydra
Background art: Bartłomiej Różycki, Sebastian Komorowski, Ada Głowacka, Dagmara Darsicka, Dominika Kwiatkowska, Monika Szewczyk, Sławek Wydra, Gosia Jeniec, Maciej Perkowski, Aleksandra Bylica, Irena Korol, Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Marek Tamowicz

2D Animation: Karol Szczepankiewicz, Igor Woźnicki, Sabina Kipa, Alicja Grotuz, Maria Kulpa, Julia Hazuka, Dudek Pulit, Agata Patoła, Sara Marinoni (Szymocha), Katarzyna Radecka, Wojtek Siejak, Rafał Blecharz, Karolina Kajetanowicz, Agata Perszutów, Michał Kowalczyk, Julia Marchowska, Krzysztof Dublański, Piotr Ciereszyński, Jakub Baniak, Bogusz Żelech,
 Viacheslav Nazarenko, Radek Kleber
2D Animation Supervisor: Rafał Blecharz, Wojtek Siejak, Sara Marinoni (Szymocha)

3D Modeling: Sławek Wydra
3D Animation: Sławek Wydra, Wojtek Siejak, Maciej Miszkiel
3D Animation Supervisor: Sławek Wydra
FX animation: Adrian Fijałek, Sergey Saavvin, Simona Cala, Kacper Zamarło, Jakub Baniak, Wiktoria K, Ekaterina Solomina
Compositing: Sławek Wydra, Sara Marinoni (Szymocha), Wojtek Siejak, Rafał Blecharz
SFX: Robert Ostiak
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