We love technology. Meet our tech-friend Olo and join him for an adventure to discover 
an amazing world of cinematic production technology.

Partnering with Amazon Studios Technology on this short video was an incredible journey. We experimented with mixing different techniques and had fun animating genuinely funky characters.

Characters drive stories, right? We’re always excited to create compelling characters that move a story forward. Regardless if they are real people or fictional protagonists, we’re always thrilled to design them in their animated worlds. 

Let’s be honest, vehicles are cool.
We feel that vehicles add flavor and spice to motion and animated pictures. Whether realistic or futuristic, we really enjoy designing different means of transport to boost the overall effect.

The truth is, animation can be really complex.
We always meticulously craft our videos and know that intricate animations require 
frame-by-frame approach. They look best if a scene’s content changes in every frame, rather than simply moving across the stage.

Three-dimensional environments just look so pleasing.
We know there are several ways of conveying real life in animations, and 3D animation is one of them. Our characters and objects follow real-life principles when moving and reacting to the animated surroundings. 

Animation always starts with planning and visualizing.
We believe storyboarding is absolutely crucial in the animation process. After all, it’s the storyboard that creates mood and gives the direction that our animations later follow. 

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