Caring for the natural resources our planet provides is incredibly important, and the wonderful people at the California Native Plant Society reach out to us to help showcase what California has to offer in this regard.

We created four animations that illustrate how the California Environmental Quality Act works and what can be done to protect California's resources from the environmental impacts of development projects.

Gameboard Elements

Our client recognized the challenge of discussing contracts and permits in a dry, factual manner. To make it more engaging, they suggested presenting this topic as board games.
We embraced the challenge of creating a creative but cartoony approach to the subject so now each episode features solutions like game pieces, playing card, and a game board.

Flora and Fauna 

Our client takes the issue of California's natural environment incredibly seriously, 
infecting us with their passion and love for the beauty that California has to offer in terms 
of plants and animals. We focused on making recognizable flowers that will stand out in more cartoonish style.

Background Design

California is an incredibly vast place that offers plenty breathtaking landscapes. While working on this series, we focused on showcasing the diversity in the state's biosphere, ranging from mountains, through flowery meadows and forests, all the way to stunning beaches.

Character Design

However, fight for the nature is impossible without a crucial element - people willing to take action. For this series, we designed a variety of characters, allowing ourselves a more cartoonish approach to their animation style.

Making Off

This project was unique for us not only in terms of style and theme but also regarding animation. It's a fully animated in After Effects, without the use of external character animation programs.


Client: California Native Plant Society
Directed by Animwood

Creative Direction: Martyna Pianka
Production: Maciek Butscher, Rafał Blecharz
Storyboard: Martyna Pianka
Design: Martyna Pianka, Iza Łukaszek, Julia Knapik, Dominika Kwiatkowska, Sebastian Komorowski
Animation: Wiktor Kralka, Denis Frolov, Olgierd Łuszczak

SFX: Giorgio Riolo
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