Crossroad Church not only helps people love, but most of all loves to help people. While built upon Christian values, the organization’s ultimate mission 
is simplistic, inclusive, comes down to the basics—teaching about good and evil. Deeply humanitarian in nature and modern in approach, the Church reached out to us and asked to develop a series of  few-minute-long educational animated shorts.

We instantly said yes and, whether or not divine intervention took place, 
the project has turned out to be a milestone for us on many levels. Developing this animated series was both a challenge and learning process.
Character design

Character design and animating methods were clearly a make-or-break factor during animation development. Directing was much more complex than we were used to while working on explainer videos.

Background design

Just the research on so many geographically, ethnically, and culturally diverse characters took endless hours of reading and fact-checking to make sure they’d look historically correct and come across plausible on screen.



This animation took us outside of our comfort zone, forcing to look
 at the production process from a much wider point of view and elevating 
our scripts to proper storytelling. 

Frame by frame

We always meticulously craft our videos and know that intricate animations require frame-by-frame approach. They look best if a scene’s content changes in every frame, rather than simply moving across the stage.

Making of

Character design and animating methods were clearly a make-or-break factor during animation development. Combining our extensive experience 
in character design with rigged and frame-by-frame animation techniques felt like a winning and difference-making approach to this rewarding project.


Client: Crossroad Church
Directed by Animwood

Creative Direction: Sebastian Komorowski
Production: Maciek Butscher, Maja Krajewska
Character design: Martyna Pianka
Design: Sebastian Komorowski, Agnieszka Zbudniewek, Martyna Pianka, 
Paweł Białas, Iza Łukaszek, Julka Knapik 
Animation 2D: Paweł Granatowski, Wiktoria Gnat, Olga Przytuła, Karol Szulc, Maja Krajewska
Animation frame by frame: Ruben Dantas

Music & SFX: Giorgio Riolo
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