Hi there!

I'm an Polish Illustrator & Animator based in Krakow.

My work bridges colorful characters, bold illustration with graphic design and animation. I like to use strong lines, dynamic shapes and simple color palettes. I’ve been working for around ten years in the animation industry and lately I found myself more focused in my illustration work. Now I enjoy collaborating with brands and agencies to bring my style into their world. 

I studied Graphic Design at the of Pedagogic University.. 

I have had the pleasure  of working with a variety of Agencies, Clients and Artists including:
Animwood, BBC ABC, Capgemini, Bacardi, LPP House, Wydawnictwo ZNAK, Heavy Lifting Insight

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I’m on Behance, Instagram, Tumblr

Get in touch for a cool project or just for the fun of it.
email.  s.k.komorowski@gmail.com
phone: 510 250 656
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