MESHMELLOW is a global platform specializing in computer graphics solutions for B2B clients. They focus on the integration of graphic technology and art, building a vibrant community for artists to collaborate and share innovations.



Animwood created a minute-long promotional video, from storyboard to final render, and was responsible of Art Direction. We decided to keep it fun and colorful with a cartoony vibe, smoothly blending all the cool things they offer to their clients.

Character Design

One of our client's requests was to create a character that would serve as a guide through the vast world of Meshmellow.

Making Of

In this project, we utilized Blender, Moho and After Effects to their maximum potential, creating characterful animation and 3D motion.


Client: Meshmellow
Directed by Animwood

Creative Direction: Sebastian Komorowski, Martyna Pianka
Production: Maciek Butscher, Maja Krajewska
Storyboard: Sebastian Komorowski
Illustration: Agnieszka Zbudniewek, Martyna Pianka, Sebastian Komorowski
Animation: Maja Krajewska, Karol Szulc, Denis Frolov, Wiktor Kralka
3D Animation: Wiktoria Gnat

Music & SFX: Giorgio Riolo
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