Imprint, our valued client, has clinched Google's App of the Year 2023 award!
"As the standout app of 2023, Imprint: Learn Visually delivers bite-sized lessons utilizing visual storytelling to breathe life into concepts. Dive into psychology, history, health, technology, and more in an entirely fresh way."
- Google Blog.
Our team played a crucial role in creating illustrations and animated content for courses, books, and lessons within the app.

The topics spanned a wide range, from philosophy to economics, requiring distinct and varied artworks. So we did what we do best at Animwood, experimenting with styles, color palettes, flexing our creative muscles in the process, and rest is history...

Imprint App

Julia Knapik
Agnieszka Zbudniewek
Martyna Pianka
Sebastian Komorowski
Paweł Białas
Izabela Łukaszek

Wiktor Kralka
Denis Frolov
Maja Krajewska
Szymon Abramek
Ludmiła Kaczmarek
Tomasz Gąsior
Dominika Gronek

Project Manager:
Rafał Blecharz

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